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Discharging Income Taxes In Bankruptcy After A Substitute For Return Is Filed: Part II

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Some time ago I wrote about discharging income taxes in bankruptcy.  I subsequently wrote about discharging income taxes in bankruptcy for a tax year in which the debtor filed a return after the taxing authority ― for simplicity I will generically label the authority as the IRS, though the discussion applies to other taxing authorities… Continue Reading

Nicholas Gebelt is speaking on Bankruptcy Litigation: Preferences, Fraudulent Transfers, and Appellate Procedures & Strategies

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I will be covering the topics of :  1) Preferential Transfers: Preference Actions and Substantive Defenses, 2) Fraudulent Transfers: Actual Intent and Affirmative Defenses, and 3) Appellate Procedure and Strategies: Appeals from Final Orders and Interlocutory Appeals.  I will present this talk at the National Business Institute’s “Bankruptcy Litigation 101” seminar in Orange, CA on May 8,… Continue Reading

The Treatment Of A Second Mortgage After A Foreclosure Sale

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I recently had an interesting email exchange with a couple of fellow bankruptcy attorneys on the subject of foreclosure.  The specific question we discussed was whether a second mortgage holder’s claim is extinguished after the holder of the first mortgage conducts a foreclosure sale. The question is complicated by the fact that there are three… Continue Reading

Low-Cost Bankruptcy Can Be An Expensive Mistake

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Low cost bankruptcy is a slogan appearing in ads and billboards across Southern California.  Is low cost bankruptcy the best way to get relief from creditors?  This post answers this question in a way that might surprise you. In the Business Section of the October 1, 2011 Los Angeles Times, Jim Puzzanghera reported: In another sign… Continue Reading