This easy question to state has a surprisingly complicated answer.  This is bad news if you were hoping for a simple yes or no, but good news if you’re a fan of more complex legal analysis.  In this post, I’ll discuss retirement contributions within the Chapter 7 context.  In my next post, I’ll discuss retirement contributions in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

I.          Retirement Contributions In A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There are at least two reasons why Chapter 7 debtors would want to continue contributing to their retirement plans (for linguistic simplicity, let’s assume we’re dealing with a 401(k) plan, since it’s easier to type “401(k)” than “retirement plan”):  First, to provide for those golden years of not having to spend two plus hours a day commuting (those of you who don’t live in a traffic nightmare area like the Los Angeles environs may not understand this problem except on a theoretical level, but it’s very real here), and second, to chew up income to qualify for Chapter 7 relief.
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