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Liquidation Of An Asset In A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy II

Posted in Chapter 7

I recently received an email that posed an interesting scenario in Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation.  Although I have written on the subject of Chapter 7 liquidation I haven’t addressed the specific fact pattern in detail.  This post fills that lacuna. The question posed was a bit long, so I will summarize it.  The questioner asked… Continue Reading

Homestead Exemption After Sale Of The Residence

Posted in Chapter 11 for Individuals & Married Couples, Chapter 13, Chapter 7

If you sell your home, can the cash proceeds be exempted using the homeowner’s equity exemption?  That was the subject of two questions that a fellow bankruptcy attorney recently asked me.  I found the exchange interesting, so I am posting it for your edification. Question 1: If the proceeds from the sale of the domicile… Continue Reading