The short answer to this is, yes.  But as you may suspect from the fact that this post is considerably longer than one sentence, there is a good deal more to a thorough answer than that monosyllabic response.  There are two possibilities regarding your previous bankruptcy:  (1) you received a discharge, and (2) your case was dismissed. Today’s post deals with the first situation.  The next post will deal with the second situation.

I.          Your Received A Discharge In Your Previous Case

The big picture goal in personal bankruptcy is to receive a discharge of your debts.  This affords you the fresh financial start that is the raison d’être of a personal bankruptcy.  From a debtor’s perspective this is marvelously liberating.  However, from the creditors’ perspective it can be a hard hit.  As a result, Congress has put some time limitations in the Bankruptcy Code, meaning that you must wait a while between bankruptcy filings if you want to receive a discharge in the future bankruptcy case.  How much time?  That depends on which chapter you plan on using in your future bankruptcy case, and under which chapter you received your previous discharge.
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