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Debt Collection Scams

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Although I have written at length on debt collection scams, I am still amazed by the fact that they continue to proliferate.  You’d think the word would get out far enough so that people would be on their guard against these Frauds-R-Us franchises.  Not so. In yesterday’s (January 22, 2016) L.A. Times, David Lazarus discussed the… Continue Reading

Can A Creditor Garnish My Social Security Check?

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I have written in great detail about the treatment of social security income in a bankruptcy case.  What happens outside of bankruptcy?  The answer is obvious:  It depends. Well, that was a worthless answer, wasn’t it?  Not so fast.  What if I throw in some statutory authority?  And if you act right now, operators are… Continue Reading

Discharging Income Taxes In Bankruptcy After A Substitute For Return Is Filed: Part II

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Some time ago I wrote about discharging income taxes in bankruptcy.  I subsequently wrote about discharging income taxes in bankruptcy for a tax year in which the debtor filed a return after the taxing authority ― for simplicity I will generically label the authority as the IRS, though the discussion applies to other taxing authorities… Continue Reading