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Prepackaged Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Posted in Chapter 11, Chapter 11 for Individuals & Married Couples, Small Business Bankruptcy

In this Christmas season children are eagerly awaiting prepackaged presents.  That’s an odd locution, isn’t it?  We usually refer to the gifts as wrapped rather than prepackaged.  I chose the word “prepackaged” because when something is prepackaged it’s all wrapped up.  What does this have to do with Chapter 11 bankruptcy?  A little background will… Continue Reading

Dealing With Tax Debts: Part 2

Posted in Tax debts

My last post dealt with two ways of dealing with tax debts:  1) immediately pay in full or 2) discharge the tax debt in bankruptcy.  This post deals with two more approaches: 3) enter an Offer In Compromise or 4) enter an Installment Agreement:   3.  Enter An Offer In Compromise   An offer in compromise… Continue Reading

Dealing With Tax Debts: Part 1

Posted in Tax debts

You’ve fallen behind on your tax obligations.  The IRS has sent you notices, which you didn’t open ― after all, who needs the aggravation.  You’ve just received a notice of levy from your bank.  It’s that time, it’s Miller time.  No, wait; that’s not the right commercial.  It’s tax debt resolution time! What can you… Continue Reading