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The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Debt Limits And An Undersecured Mortgage On A Principal Residence

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy has an important limitation.  If the debtor’s debts are too large, Chapter 13 is unavailable: Only an individual with regular income that owes, on the date of the filing of the petition, noncontingent, liquidated, unsecured debts of less than $383,175 and noncontingent, liquidated, secured debts of less than $1,149,525, or an individual… Continue Reading

The Wonderful World Of Loan Sharks

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What’s in your wallet?  It’s a loan shark!  That’s how many people feel when they consider their ever-increasing debt burden.  Unfortunately, many of those same people continue to feed the shark by patronizing loan sharks. John Oliver recently skewered loan sharks on his Sunday show.  Jon Healy of the L.A. Times published an article on… Continue Reading

The Automatic Stay In Chapter 13, And Foreclosure Sales

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A fellow bankruptcy attorney recently posed an interesting question regarding a threatened foreclosure sale before the automatic stay is lifted in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Here is the exchange I had with her: Question:             Background Facts: I just got an email from a Chapter 13 client who has a confirmation hearing on 8/21.  She… Continue Reading

Bankruptcy Discharge Of Workers Compensation Premium Debts

Posted in Chapter 7

  A fellow bankruptcy attorney recently posed an interesting question regarding the dischargeability of an obligation to pay workers compensation insurance premiums.  Here is the exchange I had with him: Question: Is money owed to the “State Fund” for unpaid workers compensation insurance premiums by a debtor as a responsible officer of a defunct corporation… Continue Reading