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Redemption In Bankruptcy

Posted in Chapter 7

At first blush you might wonder if today’s title has a religious theme, or refers to cashing in coupons for valuable prizes.  While this post’s thrust does involve deliverance of a sort, it’s not intended as an evangelistic outreach.  Instead, this essay focuses on a special provision in Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code: An… Continue Reading

Bankruptcy Is The Wave Of The Future – Part II

Posted in Debt

In my last post, I looked at some recent data examining the U.S.’s financial time bomb.  Is Europe facing a similar financial time bomb or can we look to it for help, inspiration, and great economic ideas? II.        The European Financial Time Bomb Returning to the U.S. Debt Clock (which I discussed in my previous post),… Continue Reading

Bankruptcy Is The Wave Of The Future – Part I

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As those of you who have followed my musings know, I maintain that the western world is headed toward financial ruin.  This post updates you with recent data supporting this position. The good news is:  I also don’t see anything on the political horizon that has any hope of stopping it, so there’s no reason… Continue Reading